Girl's sweater and jacket

Scopri la nostra esclusiva collezione di maglie e giacche per bimba, pensate per unire comfort e stile in ogni occasione. Ogni capo è progettato con cura e realizzato con materiali di alta qualità per garantire il massimo comfort e la durata nel tempo.


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Giacca in maglia - EP1645 Sale price€49,14
Giacca - EP2845 Sale price€49,14
Giacca - CALOBRA 9267/P Sale priceFrom €31,50
Giacca - CALOBRA 9267 Sale priceFrom €31,50
Giacca - CALOBRA 9267/M Sale priceFrom €31,50
Giacca - SALADA 9273/M Sale priceFrom €34,16
Giacca - SALADA 9273 Sale priceFrom €34,16
Giacca - PORTO 9276/F Sale priceFrom €35,56
Giacca - PORTO 9276/C Sale priceFrom €35,56
Giacca - PORTO 9276/P Sale priceFrom €35,56
Giacca - PORTO 9276 Sale priceFrom €35,56
Bolero tricot - 5365/R Sale price€42,95
Bolero tricot - 5365 Sale price€42,95
Bolero tricot - 5366/T Sale price€47,95
Sold out
Bolero tricot - 5366/C Sale price€47,95
Bolero tricot - 5366 Sale price€47,95
Bolero tricot - 5366/R Sale price€47,95
Bolero tricot - 5366/F Sale price€47,95
Abito fantasia - DK321/PV24 Sale price€43,17
Giacca in Jersey - BG83M/R Sale price€42,00
GIACCHINA - FF37109/T01038/P Sale priceFrom €36,40
GIACCHINA - FF37109/T01038/C Sale priceFrom €36,40
GIACCHINA - FF37109/T01038/R Sale priceFrom €36,40
Giacchina - EN82345 Sale price€64,00
Giacchina - EN80045 Sale price€59,54

Anto Cusanus

We purchased a very high quality first birth set (bag, bottle holder, large clutch bag and pacifier holder) for our first child, what can I say...
Top products, very fast shipping, excellent wrapping and packaging.

Nicoletta Coscia

NANU' is a shop that stands out. Booked 2 sets on Tuesday and the package arrived 3 days later.
The care with which they prepare the order is truly TOP.

Stefania Mansi

Truly beautiful baby outfits and onesies! Friendly and helpful staff!
Careful packaging of the clothes and very fast shipping! I recommend it to everybody!

Alessia Buscemi

Courtesy, kindness but above all spectacular garments... Professionalism, competence and high level quality.
Highly recommended!

Giusy Angileri

Inside your store you get lost in the wonders.
Excellent quality beautiful collection.

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